Electronic Fax

Electronic Fax

With RingCentral, you'll be sending and receiving electronic fax documents in no time. Since there's no fax machine required for electronic fax service, you'll avoid the high cost, maintenance and security issues that are associated with traditional fax machines. Because RingCentral electronic fax service comes loaded with electronic fax management tools, you can create and send professional electronic fax documents to multiple places in the U.S. or overseas. And each extension-up to 100-gets their own electronic fax capabilities, enabling them to create custom cover pages, block junk faxes and sign faxes electronically.

RingCentral electronic fax is designed to simplify your life, not complicate it. Instead of waiting around, listening to those obnoxious shrill squeals and whistles as your wheezy old fax machine attempts to push out another document, RingCentral electronic fax keeps it safe, simple and effective. The most advanced electronic fax service available at any price, RingCentral electronic fax eliminates many of the irritating flaws caused by standard fax machines.

RingCentral electronic fax is available as a part of RingCentral hosted phone service or as a stand-alone service. And the features are second to none. RingCentral electronic fax comes with the most advanced electronic fax features available anywhere at no extra charge. Use the included software to design and compose cover pages and documents. Send an electronic fax from the convenience of your desk and receive an email confirming its receipt. The electronic fax is sent over the Web without the noise and at ten times the speed of your old fax machine. And when you receive electronic fax documents, they arrive cleanly in your email inbox. Simply put, you save space, time, money and paper by choosing electronic fax with RingCentral.

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